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We have skilled technicians who have years of experience in the installation of different operating systems. They have thorough knowledge about the procedures for the installation of different softwares and operating systems. They can also guide you on different aspects of data management and data and internet security.

Installation of the softwares:

Our technicians will take into account your exact requirement. They will thoroughly scrutinise the computer system on which the installation has to be done. They will check if the computer system has all the hardware requirements for the software to be installed. They will make sure that the installation fulfils the customer requirement and compliments all the other softwares of the system.

Uninstall or removal:

When you want to uninstall or remove a programme, make sure that you first take the back up of the data. Next remove the boot entry of the programme that needs to be removed. For uninstalling a single windows operating system take the installation disc of the operating system that you want to start using next. During the installation simply select the current windows OS and delete it or format it. Once the deletion procedure is completed, you can install the new operating system in its place.

Removal of all unwanted data:

Our skilled experts can help you in removing and deleting all the unwanted data from your computer quickly. We also provide services for removal of unwanted programmes and softwares from your computer system.

Renewal and upgrading of system:

Most of you would like to upgrade to the new version of the operating system from time to time. We can help you with the renewal and upgrading of system. The installation will be done in the upgrade mode. This will make sure that the back-up of the files, settings and applications of the previous operating system is taken. If this previous data is preserved then you do not have to renew the TestExecute License. If the files, applications and settings are not saved then the testexecute license will have to be renewed. A separate special procedure needs to be followed for the same.

A wide range of technical services offered by us:

Besides installation, removal, upgrading and renewal of windows operating system we also provide an array of other technical services to our customers. Our special technical services include hardware support for the software, support for the operating system, virus removal etc.

To get specialised technical support for the installation and upgrading of operating system get in touch with us today.

Computer Tune-up Install & Repair

Any machine needs maintenance and your computer or laptop is no different. Over a period of time a lot of clutter gets accumulated in your PC or laptop. This has a direct impact on the speed of your machine. Your machine can get drastically slow. Over a period of time you will find that your laptop, desktop or your mobile is not as fast as it used to be and the applications are also functioning slowly. But you need not worry. Just get in touch with us and we shall make a few changes and your device will start running at lightning speed. We have an experience of more than 12 years in computer repairing. We have expert, skilled , Microsoft certified technicians who are very efficient and skillful in computer repairing.

Updating of software:

We provide services of updating software on your system. Our technicians will first check if your system complies with all the configuration requirements that are needed to install and run the software. They will also check if the software is complies with the computing environment. Only after a thorough inspection our technicians will install the software on the system.

Installation of new operating system:

Our expert technicians will take the installation disc of the operating system that you want to install or upgrade. They will format or delete the existing operating system and then in the available space they will install the new operating system.

Removal or Uninstall:

Our expert technicians can also help in cleaning all the unwanted stuff from your computer system. They will remove all the unwanted data, software and applications that are occupying precious space in your computer system.


If you want to upgrade your current windows operating system then you must opt for our services. We shall install the windows operating system in the upgrade mode. As a result you will not have to renew the TestExecute license as these types of installation will preserve all the files and settings. If, the settings, applications and files are not saved then you will have to follow a special procedure to renew the TestExecute license.

Number of other technical services:

In addition to the above mentioned services we provide a number of other technical services. We provide services in virus and malware removal. We all provide all types of hardware and software support. We also provide operating system support.

tv-mounting-serviceTV Mounting Installation and Repairing Services

Normally when you buy a television the installation instructions are included in the product manual. Installation of the TV wall mount is similar to mounting a shelf.


The TV mounting arm has holes on the top and the bottom. You need to measure the distance between these two holes. In the centre of the wall studs mark two points which will be as per the position of these holes. Adjust the level and with a power drill, drill the holes for the brackets screws and bolts. Fix the brackets and mount the television.

Removal of the television:

One person will have to hole the top and bottom right corner of the TV. Another person needs to hold the top and bottom left corner of the TV. Both the people must lift the flat screen TV at once and remove it from the wall mount.

Repairing of television:

Not just installation, we can also help in the repairing of the television set. We have trained technicians who are well versed with the repairing of television sets of different companies. Our technicians will first inspect the television set and will try to determine the exact problem and will then work on the same. We can help with repairing and replacement of different parts of the television. Our skilled technicians will do the servicing of your old television set in the best possible way so that it works just fine for more time.

Array of other technical services:

Our company is not engaged in only installation and repairing of television sets. We also provide services in computer installation and servicing. We provide hardware and software support, antivirus solutions etc.

Camera Installation and Repair Services:

We have skilled technicians who have proven expertise in the installation of different softwares on different devices. If you need to install a webcam on your device you can always take help from our expert technicians.


When you opt for the services of our experts for installation of camera on your laptop or PC they will first inspect your system. They will check if it has the required configuration for installation of the system. They will also check if the installation will not affect the working of other softwares or programmes on your computer system. In case of any problems they will advice you how to overcome the same. If everything is as per the requirement then they will go ahead and install the camera on the system.

Removal of the camera:

At times, some of you might want to uninstall the camera from your computer system. Our expert technicians can help in the removal or in uninstalling the camera from your computer system. Before removing the software our experts will take a backup of all the data on the software and then will go ahead and remove the software.

Repairing services:

Some of you may face problems while using the camera. There could be a problem with the software or with the system itself. But you need not worry. You only need to get in touch with us. Our technicians will review the problem. They will try to determine the exact cause of the problem. Based on the technical snag they will give you the best suited solution for the same. They will make the required amendments and repair the software for you.

Renewal of softwares:

After every few days new versions of softwares are introduced. This is applicable to cameras as well. If you want to remain in line with the latest trends and want the latest software then you must fix an appointment with our technical experts. They will take back up of the old software and will renew or upgrade the software as per your request. While upgrading they will take care that the original settings of the system and other applications do not get affected.

Other technical services:

We provide a wide range of technical services. We provide solutions in not just camera installation and repairs. We provide services in computer repairing, installation of different softwares, antivirus solutions etc. We provide all types hardware and software support.

Computer and Network Security Install & Repair

Our computer software installation technicians have proven to be knowledgeable in computer operating system & software installation, many different data management systems, data security and Internet security protection.


Before any software program can be installed into your individual computer, our computer software installation technicians will perform a variety of diagnoses making sure that it’ll adequately cover your needs and compliment all the other elements of your computing environment. In addition, one of the critical stages in software installation will be to ensure that the target computer system satisfies the recommended hardware requirements.


Backup your data, Remove the Boot Entry for the windows you wanted Removed, Format the Partition used by the windows you want removed If you installed just one Windows operating system, then the uninstallation is really simple. Take the installation disc of the operating system you want to use next, boot from it and, during the installation procedure, select the existing Windows partition and format it or delete it. Then, reuse that partition (or available empty space) as you see fit and install the new operating system.


UNINSTALL or remove all unwanted data, software and applications from your COMPUTER in no time. We promise effective services and you won’t find a trace of unwanted stuff in your PC.

Renew/ Upgrade

The Windows operating systems can be installed in the upgrade mode. In this mode, the installation program can preserve the files, applications and settings you use on the previous OS. So, if the installation preserves the files, applications and settings, then renewing the TestExecute license is not needed. If the installation does not save your files, applications and settings, you will have to perform special actions for renewing your TestExecute license.

Other technical services

Apart from Window Operating System Install/reinstall, renew/Upgrade ,Our Other services include virus removal, software/hardware support, OPERATING SYSTEM support besides a host of other services.

Virus & Spyware Removal Install & Repair

Security of all your data is very important. But there are chances that your system might get corrupted by viruses and malware. This can lead to loss of valuable data. But if you opt for our expert antivirus services, then there is nothing to fear. We have a team of experts who specialise in providing antivirus solutions.

Installation of antivirus packages:

When you opt for our antivirus package our experts will first examine the system configuration and the nature of your work. Then they will advice you on the best antivirus package which suits your requirement. They will install the best antivirus package which will make sure that your computer system or any device is protected from viruses, malware, spyware etc.

Removal of applications:

There are chances that you have an old version of some antivirus solution which you want to remove. If you do not know how to uninstall the same you need not worry. Just speak to our antivirus experts. They will successfully help in the removal of any old application from the devices.

Removal of virus, malware, spyware etc:

There are chances that since your system is not protected with a suitable antivirus it may get attacked with viruses, malware, spyware etc. In all such cases you can always rely on us. Our experts will remove the viruses and malware from your system. They will try their level best to check if any data can be saved.

Renewal of antivirus packages:

You must keep one thing in mind that your antivirus packages need to be renewed every year. Also with new types of viruses and malware striking, new versions of antivirus solutions are released each year. If you want to renew your existing antivirus package or upgrade it get in touch with us. We will provide you with the best solutions at the best possible rates.

Other technical services:

Besides antivirus solutions we provide a number other technical services. This includes different software and hardware services. Right from operating system support to, repairing and installation of hardware like computer system, printers, and camera etc our skilled experts who can take care of all your requirements. Our team of experts have thorough knowledge of installation, removal, repair, etc of different types of softwares and hardware.If you are worried about malware and virus attacks, then don’t be. All you need to do is get in touch with us at the earliest.

Printer OnSite Install and Repair

If you have problems installing your printer at home or office do not worry. We have trained people who can help you with the entire installation procedure of the printer. We can help in the installation and repair of any type and brand of printer. We provide onsite printer installation and repair services.


Before installing the printer our experts will check if your computer system has the entire required system configurations which are needed to install the printer. They will advice you on any changes or upgrades that are needed. They will also check if the installation will affect the normal functioning of any application or software. Only after considering all the technical aspects they will install the printer.

Removal of the printer:

If for some reason you want to uninstall the printer but do not know how to do it you can always contact us. We will take a back up of all the data and then in a systematic way uninstall the printer. While doing this we shall make sure that the original settings of the system do not get affected.

Repairing services:

Is your printer giving you service problems? Never mind! Call our expert technicians and they will rectify the problem. Our technicians will first detect and analyse the problem and will then repair the printer. We provide repairing and servicing support for different brands of printers. If replacement of any parts us required we can help with that as well. We make use of only genuine parts so you need not be worried about the quality of the replaced parts.

Upgradations and new printer purchases:

If you need to change your existing printer or make any changes due to any changes in the application or software of your system, then you can call our technical experts who can provide you complete support in this regards. It is because of our superb hardware technical support that a large number of customers opt for only our services for printer installations, repairing and servicing.

Other technical services:

Besides support in setting up your printer at home and office, we provide a number of other technical services. This includes software support like antivirus solutions, operating system management, data management etc. We also provide hardware support like repairing of computer systems, televisions etc. We provide complete solutions in hardware and software services which includes installation, repairing, servicing, renewals etc.

Data Recovery ServiceData Recovery & Transfer Install & Repair

All the data in your computer system and all other devices are very precious. You surely do not want to lose it under any circumstances. But when you change your computer system or device or make any changes to the system, then you may lose the data. But now you need not worry about data recovery and transfer. We have a team of knowledgeable experts who have thorough knowledge about data recovery and transfer.

Recovery of data:

There are times when you may lose data from your phone or from your computer system. You may delete some files erroneously or just cannot find some information. In all such cases you can get in touch with us. Our expert technical savvy people will make sure that they help you in recovery of lost data.

Transfer of data:

When you buy a new device or computer system the first thing that needs to be done is to transfer the data from your old system to your new system. Our expert team will take back up of all the data on your old device or computer system. Then they will transfer the same to your new device or computer system.


We also need to regularly upgrade the operating system and software on our computer system and other devices. Here too you can take the help of our experts. They will take the back up of all the files and data. Then they will upgrade the operating system or the software and will save all the backup data in the computer system or the device with the upgraded versions of the operating system or software.

Complete onsite and phone support:

For all your queries related to data recovery and transfer you can get in touch with our experts in person or over the phone. They will provide you will all the help. You can put forth your technical queries and they will try to provide you with the best possible solutions for the same. If you take the expert advice of our skilled technical experts then you need not be worried about issues related to data recovery and transfer.

We provide several other technical services:

We provide a number of other technical services. Whether it relates to software solutions like antivirus solutions or upgrading the operating system or renewal of any application; our team of experts can help you. We also provide hardware support like repairing and installation of computer system, printers, cameras, routers etc.

Email Setup Install & Repair

For all personal and official communication email is an important mode of communication. There are different types of email softwares which make your life easy provided you know how to install and use them. Here is where we can help. Our team of technicians has profound knowledge about the different email softwares and will provide the best services for all types of email solutions.


If you want to install particular email software then you must seek our expert advice. Our skilled technicians will first analyse if your computer system or device has the entire required configuration for setting up the email software. Then they will download and install the same. While doing this they will ensure that none of the existing configurations or applications get affected adversely.


If you want to remove any existing email software from your devices, then our experts will first take back up of all the files and data. Then they will uninstall the email software. They will make sure that while doing this none of the data is lost and the original configuration does not get affected adversely.

Renewal or upgrading the email software:

If you want to renew or upgrade the email software then our experts will first take the back up of the emails. Then they will upgrade the email software and will make sure that it functions smoothly and there is no loss of emails.

Trouble shooting solutions:

Are you facing problems in downloading the emails? Do you have a problem while sending emails? For any kind of technical issues with your email software you need to take the help from our skilled technicians. They will check the issue and will try and provide the best possible solutions for the same. They will try their level best to rectify the problem and will make sure that the emails start downloading properly and you have no problems in sending the emails.

All types of technical solutions:

Besides providing technical help in email solutions we provide all types of software and hardware support. We can help in upgrading operating systems to providing antivirus solutions. We also provide technical help for the repairing and installation of hardware. We can help in installation and repair of computer systems, printers, routers, cameras etc. We also provide data transfer and data recovery solutions.

For all the technical help for hardware and software solutions get in touch with us.

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