When you have a new PC the most important and difficult task is to transfer the data from the old laptop or PC to your new system. Our technical experts can carry out transfer of large amount of data from one PC to another with ease.


Here are the data transfer services that we offer:

  • Transfer of large amount of data from one device to another.
  • We try our level best to ensure that there is no loss of data
  • Transfer of all types of files including photos, videos and music files
  • We offer all these services at competitive rates.

Our Services

£ 65

Recovery Media Creation

  • Creation of system recovery media to boot up and restore operating system and software in the event of system failure (flash drive sold separately)

Data Backup & Migration (Data Transfer)

  • Back up data to external drive (hard drive sold separately)
  • Schedule weekly data backup on external hard drive (cannot be performed on flash drives)
  • Migrate data to a new PC upon request

Get the best services from the best service providers:

Getting a new device comes with the challenge to transfer the data from the old device to the new device. If you try to transfer the data manually, then it can be a very time consuming task. If you try our other methods which are too technical then you may get confused. It is therefore better that you opt for our data transfer services.

Opt for our technicians for data transfer services:

Our experts will make sure that all the data, including all folders, documents etc are transferred to your new PC . They will make sure that there is no alteration in the data during the transfer. They will ensure that there is no loss of data. Once all the data is transferred to your PC you can immediately start using your new PC. Our experts make use of different methods to transfer complex data from one PC to another.

We are one of the best service providers:

We can provide you with the best services as per your needs. We provide services for all brands of laptops and computers. Our mission is to provide the best services. We provide onsite services at competitive rates.

Our end customers can enjoy the following services:

  • Repairing of computers and laptops of all brands
  • Setting up of any new devices
  • Easy and quick connection of technical equipments as per the client needs
  • Back up of data, replacing of hardware, installation of components.
  • Proper advice and information about different technical things in simple and lucid language
  • Virus removal and recommendation of best antivirus solutions
  • Wifi and computer set up services provided
  • Data transfer services.

Our business customers can enjoy the following services:

  • Complete technical IT support for your company
  • We help in managing potential security aspects which can result in data loss or server failures or any other such defects which can be detrimental for your company
  • We deliver and install all types of IT equipment. All the equipments that we provide are of the best quality and we ensure that they are configured and installed properly.
  • Proper maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • We provide the best services at competent rates
  • Virus removal and recommendation of best antivirus solutions and taking proper steps for complete security of your entire IT set up.

**All prices are including VAT and without parts. At participating Saturn TEC stores and partners. Travelling expenses may be charged by our partners separately.