When it comes IT related services you need technical expertise of the highest quality. Here is where you must opt for SaturnTec. Our technical engineers and all our associated partners have the best technical expertise and the capability to handle any complex IT related issue. We would like to point out that all our partners have to conform with the SaturnTec partner Code of Practice. We keep a close watch on the services that they provide. Their customer service quality is monitored through TrustPilot, the largest international authority in rating of customer service levels.

We provide quality service throughout the United Kingdom. We provide the best and professional services to end users and to business customers. Our SaturnTec dealer services group consists of some of the best companies that provide quality services and IT solutions to the clients in their close vicinity.

We are a part of the renowned SaturnTec organisation in Europe. We are a leading reseller services group of UK. It must be noted that the Saturntec brand is managed by SaturnTec Limited. As for our service partners they operate as individual entities. Any interaction and transaction between the end customer and the service partner is the sole responsibility of the service partner. We have no responsibility of any contracts between the partners and the end customers. It is the sole responsibility of the business partner to make sure that they carry out the responsibilities as per the rules, regulations and description of www.saturn-tec.co.uk.

For more information, please contact: 160 Hollins Road, Oldham, OL8 3DG, United Kingdom
E-Mail: management@saturn-tec.co.uk

The SaturnTec Partners ‘Code of Practice’

  • All SaturnTec partners are expected to behave in a respectful and professional way at all times in their dealings with end-user customers and their industry partners.
  • SaturnTec partners are expected to put the customer first and to do all that can be reasonably expected of them to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome for the customer.
  • SaturnTec partners will carry out all work in good faith and to the highest standards and adhere at all times to the rights of suppliers and customers with regards to existing warranties, product guarantees, licenses and subscriptions.
  • SaturnTec partners will be expected to respect the rights and privacy of customers and other partners at all times.
  • SaturnTec partners take full responsibility for engaging with and entering into contracts with end customers for the pre-defined SaturnTec services they provide.
  • SaturnTec cannot accept any liability for contracts entered into between SaturnTec partners and their customers, or any work carried out by SaturnTec partners for their customers.
Any perceived breach of the SaturnTec Code of Practice, by an active SaturnTec partner, should be reported by the end-customers at the earliest opportunity to the SaturnTec site management team. E-Mail: management@saturn-tec.co.uk